Z-44 Plastique


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Type Key Item
The Z-44 Plastique is an item found in System Shock.

The explosive is a package containing focused charge designed to prevent theft of technologically sensitive corporate mining assets of the TriOptimum Corporation. Explosive charges are piggy-backed onto high voltage electrical systems such as satellite communications equipment, and then remotely triggered by radio signals.

Greg MacLeod managed to gather all plastique of Citadel Station to hide them from SHODAN's forces in the Storage Level. Most of this was later stolen by the robots and kept in a storage room.

They were used by the Hacker to destroy the antenna relays and prevent SHODAN from being uploaded to Earth's network.


To arm the plastique, select a charge from the "MAIN" inventory panel. Use the charge on an external object (double-left-click on the target). The Plastique will detonate after about ten seconds. If you stand too close to the explosion, you’re likely to blow yourself up, even with powerful shields.

If the player drops all of the Plastique - or at least enough that not all the remaining Antenna Relays can be destroyed - into an area that is later rendered inaccessible, the game cannot be progressed. This would be incredibly unlikely for the player to do absent-mindedly.