WormMind Implant
Type Organ
Research Object
The WormMind Implant will alter the user's neural processes, stimulating and amplifying the areas related to psionics.

Additionally, a steady drip of annelid neurotransmitter chemicals is fed into the user's lower cortex. The overall effect of this is to enhance the user's latent psychocreative abilities, specifically in the area of bodily self-control. The user of the implant will be able to psychocreatively heal some portion of any damage he takes. Long-term use is likely to cause a hyper-immune reaction.


  • When the user of this implant is damaged, 1 point of every 4 points of damage done is subtracted from psi points instead of hit points.
  • Must be researched before it can be used, requiring Research skill 3 and a small amount of Cesium.
  • The higher your Maintenance skill, the more charge you can store in it at an Energy Recharging Station.
  • This implant is most useful for a non psi user with the Cybernetically Enhanced upgrade.

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