It's funny how after all these years of enjoying System Shock, I'm managing to find yet more surprises. Today, for instance, I found out that while the rare one-click-heals-all Surgery Machines can take a surprising amount of damage they will explode, hurting you but far worse permanently depriving you of an incredibly valuable resource. The icing on that crap cake would be if you happened to be on your last few hit points, sending you to the revival chamber, and the absolute cherry on top would be if you hadn't yet disabled SHODAN's cyborg conversion protocols. Call it 'the revenge of the auto-doctor'.

I suppose that technically something going boom from being repeatedly shot shouldn't really shock me (haha) but I got used to beating up invincible tables to the point where an object reacting realistically was actually surprising. Hat tip to whoever decided to sneak this nasty surprise in for a player who was a little too careless about where they were throwing about all that firepower.

And my luck being what it is, I managed to find this out only after saving my game by mistake when I hit 'save' instead of 'load', trapping myself in a world where the Hacker decided to start shooting the first Surgery Machine he came upon in a fit of inexplicable stupidity until it blew up. I was forced to load another savegame and redo about an hour's worth of work
Hacker blew up the surgery machine


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