It's now been ten long, weary years since I last was seriously involved in the System Shock fan community in any way. Now that I have too much time after work and too little energy and money to do much of anything, I figure it's about time I made some small contributions back to the community

I won't bother to go into all the ruddy drama except to say it feels like yesterday I compiled my very first level in Dromed, back long before NewDark was available. It was embarrassingly crude in design: a single room designed somewhat like my own bedroom, with a door that didn't work. But I felt like I'd conquered the world because I FINALLY managed to get the cantankerous level editor to behave, and by gosh and by golly I'd made something all by myself.

Well now it's time for me to make something again. Even if it's just a new page or some missing pictures. Hello once again my fellow h-h-h-hackers.

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