Toxic Egg
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Hydroponics Deck
Hit Points 10
Loot Annelid Healing Gland (30%)
Annelid Psi Organ (5%)
Toxic Eggs serve to protect Grub Pods similar to the Swarm Egg which are also created as a defensive measure. The Toxic Pod may also represent Grubs in early development, as they release deadly toxic gases when approached. Toxic Pods are infrequently seen throughout the game, appearing first on the Von Braun's Hydroponics Deck.


Toxic Pods are basically traps designed to ward off digging through Pods for Healing Glands and Psi Organs, as their toxins are only released on close contact. If you want to risk setting them off for the chance of finding something inside, then by all means try to loot them, but don't be surprised if you get a mouthful of toxins trying. While their direct threat is pretty low, the cost to you in terms of Anti-Toxin Hypos may not be worth dealing with if you don't care about collecting the Toxic Pods' contents.

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