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Tier 02
Tier Two powers all cost two PSI points to use. The Tier Two ability increases your maximum PSI points by 4.

List of Powers

Anti-Entropic Field

10 seconds +20 seconds per PSI. While this discipline is active, your ranged weapons cannot break and their condition does not degrade.

Adrenaline Overproduction

10 seconds per PSI. Multiplies hand-to-hand damage by a factor equal to PSI.

Neural Decontamination

10 second + 5 seconds per PSI. Provides 80% protection from radiation absorption

Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration

2 hit points per PSI. Heals physical damage immediately

Psychogenic Strength

2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. STR stat is increased by 2.

Recursive Psionic Amplification

10 seconds + 10 seconds per PSI. PSI stat is increased by 2. PSI costs are doubled while active.

Localized Pyrokinesis

5’ radius + 1’ per PSI, 15 seconds + 8 seconds per PSI. Creates fire in a sphere around you, damaging enemies and giving you immunity to incendiary damage.

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