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Tier 03
Tier Three powers all cost three PSI points to use. The Tier Three ability increases your maximum PSI points by 6.

List of Powers

Molecular Duplication

30% chance of success + 10% per PSI. Duplicates one Ammo Clip, or Hypo, using up nanites.

Electron Cascade

Charges one battery or a powered inventory item by 20% per point of PSI, up to the maximum allowed by your Maintainance skill.

Energy Reflection

20 seconds per PSI. Provides 50% immunity to all energy-based damage sources.

Neural Toxin-Blocker

10 seconds + 5 seconds per PSI. Provides 100% protection from toxin absorption.

Enhanced Motion Sensitivity

30 seconds per PSI. Detects nearby creatures.

Projected Pyrokinesis

Launches a fiery projectile at a target. Higher PSI increases damage.

Psionic Hypnogenesis

20 seconds per PSI. Target (non-robotic creature) becomes calm and docile. If target is damaged, the effect is broken.

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