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Tier 01
Tier One powers all cost one PSI point to use. The Tier One ability increases your maximum PSI points by 2.

List of Powers

Psycho-Reflective Screen

20 seconds + 30 seconds per PSI. Protects you from 15% of all combat damage.

Neuro-Reflex Dampening

1 minute + 20 seconds per PSI. All kickback from weapons is eliminated.

Kinetic Redirection

1 second per PSI. Pulls an object towards you and then into your inventory.

Psychogenic Agility

2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. Your AGI stat is increased by 2.

Psychogenic Cyber-Affinity

2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. Your CYB stat is increased by 2.

Projected Cryokinesis

Launches heat-draining projectile which damages the target

Remote Electron Tampering

Makes active alarms time out faster. 5 seconds reduction +5 seconds per PSI.

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