Thomas Suarez
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction UNN
Status Unknown
Game(s) System Shock 2
System Shock 3
Voice Actor Rob Caminos

Suarez and his whore want to escape. I do not understand. They get offered a miracle and they bite the hand. The Many has shared its wisdom ... they shall not leave the ship.
~ Anatoly Korenchkin, July 12th, 2114

Thomas Suarez was a crewmember on the UNN Rickenbacker and was later transferred to the Von Braun.

During the course of the mission before the Von Braun would reach Tau Ceti V, Suarez asked Captain William Diego to be reassigned to the Von Braun so that he could be with his fiancée Rebecca Siddons. The timing could not be better as once the Von Braun reached Tau Ceti V, the two would work together escape the Von Braun.

After SOLDIER G65434-2 defeats SHODAN, he messages the escape pod Tommy and Rebecca were in. Tommy then comments on how Rebecca has been acting and it shows that she has been possessed by SHODAN. Tommy's fate is currently unknown.

Tommy is set to return in the upcoming System Shock 3.

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