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The Body of the Many
Body of the Many
Area Information
Replicators 2
Upgrade Units 4
Recharge Stations 1
Enemies Hybrids
Psi Reaver
Greater Psi Reaver
The Body of the Many is the penultimate stage of System Shock 2, complete with internal organs and digestive system. The body is shown on ship sensors having wrapped itself around the two ships. Numerous Many creatures live within it, acting as defensive organisms akin to white blood cells. It is also partially encountered in other areas such as the Hydroponics Deck.

In order to destroy the Body of the Many you'll have to destroy several nerve clusters (which allow you to pass through the sphincters which divide one portion of the Body from another). Once you arrive at the brain chamber you'll first have to destroy the floating defense nodes which psionically protect the brain, and then eradicate the Brain itself.


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