• The hacker hacks into Tetracorp.
  • A Tetracorp refrigerator.
  • TetraCorp Battle Armor.
  • A TetraCorp Keypad.
  • A TetraCorp Door Switch.
TetraCorp is a corporation in the System Shock series that competed with TriOptimum. It made various products including battle armor, keypads, elevator controls, door controls, hatch controls, engine core controls and refrigerators as seen on the Von Braun. The Hacker hacked into the corporation at the end of System Shock.


  • Tetra is Greek for four.
  • Tetracorp makes up the remaining systems of technology on the Von Braun. The rest is made by Trioptimum.
  • The Tetracorp elevator, door, hatch and engine core controls are represented by the same model.