Sympathetic Resonator
Type Key Item

The Sympathetic Resonator is a recent development from TriOptimum's military branch, designed to help commando units penetrate enemy installations protected by powerful force fields.  The Sympathetic Resonator sets up vibrations in the enemy force field in a fractal-harmonic frequency sequence.  These vibrations quickly overwhelm the feedback compensators in the force field generator, causing it to malfunction (typically in a massive explosion).

This device is used for a short period of time on the Command Deck to destroy the force field generator preventing you from destroying one of the shuttles being commandeered by the Many. It can be obtained from a hacked Replicator near the shuttles. Don't purchase more than one as they have no use later on.


  • Don't hack the Replicator until SHODAN has finished talking, as it can break the game because the Resonator will not have yet been loaded into the 'hacked' item list for the replicator.
  • In case you have already hacked the replicator, either load a recent savegame or do the following: press Shift + ; which brings up a small command line. Type "summon_obj big bomb", without the quotes, and press enter. The Resonator will appear at your feet.
  • The force field generator will indeed malfunction in a massive explosion after the Resonator is attached to it for several seconds. Make sure that you're far away before that happens.
  • It cannot be recycled.

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