Surgical Unit Activation Key
Type Tool
The Surgical Unit Activation Key is a small computer pad designed to interface with the standard Surgical Unit. Once inserted into a surgical unit, the unit becomes "unlocked", and that surgical unit will completely heal you instantaneously for 5 Nanites. Surgical units can be used an unlimited number of times.

The standard surgical unit is useful for diagnostic procedures, under the control of a trained physician. This activation key, when attached to a surgical unit, will allow it to perform healing procedures automatically. A fierce battle with the medical lobby has resulted in a compromise, in which the nanite-driven activation keys may not be installed by the vendor on a surgical unit, but may stocked separately for customers to install in case of emergency, and the installation is not difficult. However, once the two are connected, a factory technician is required to disconnect the two.

Strategic Analysis

  • A working surgical unit can make many areas of the game much easier. As noted above, most surgical units start the game in an incomplete condition, so you'll need these activation keys to give them full functionality.
  • Since activation keys are fairly rare, and they can't be removed once installed, you should think carefully before installing one. Is this an area where you think you're going to need frequent healing? How near is the nearest working surgical unit behind you?

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