Strength or STR is one of the basic statistics in System Shock 2.


The maximum level of each statistic is 8. A player can only permanently upgrade Strength to level 6, while the last two levels require a combination of the following items/psionic disciplines to temporarily reach:

Strength is the requirement of certain weapons and armors.

Strength also increases the inventory size and the melee damage of a player.

Strength Level Total Inventory Slots Total Bonus Melee Damage
1 30 0
2 33 1
3 36 2
4 39 3
5 42 4
6 45 6
7 45 10
8 45 15


  • All character builds need a certain level of Strength, as it allows the player to carry more items and increases the power of the Wrench and other melee weapons. The sooner one upgrades his Strength level, the easier the early levels.
  • The only question is that how high Strength level a player needs:
    • Strength level 2 is required to use the M-22 Assault Rifle and the Light Combat Armor;
    • Level 3 meets most requirements for Strength. This includes the Powered Armor, which is the most protective armor in the game. Higher level of Strength could be redundant, especially on higher difficulties;
    • The Fusion Cannon and the Medium Combat Armor requires Strength 4 to use, and hence that level of Strength is recommended for Heavy Weapons users;
    • Players who focus on melee combats should obviously prioritize obtaining Strength level 6.

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