Staminup Stimulant


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Type Dermal Patch
A Staminup Stimulant is a dermal patch found in System Shock. It gives the player unlimited stamina as long as the patch lasts.

An experimental combat-enhancement patch developed by TriOptimum Pharmaceutical in the 2070's, it reduces weakness and lethargy caused by overexertion (reduces fatigue).

The method of application is a dermal patch applied directly to the skin, with the dose delivered by dermal osmosis. The acting compounds are still being tested and show serious side effects with their current compositions.

Strategy Edit

While the patch is active, the player has infinite stamina, indicated in the Biological Systems Monitor with a fatigue rating of --. When the patch wears off, which (from testing) takes from 50 to 93 seconds, the player's fatigue level will instantly go to 100%, and must be recovered from by not running or jumping.

If the player pops another Staminup at this time, they can enjoy infinite stamina immediately, but eventually need or limited supply will end, and the player will have to slow down. The side effect is not reduced or shortened by the Detox patch.