Speed Booster
Type Hypo
Nanites Given 2
The Speed Booster hypo temporarily doubles your speed for a duration of twenty seconds. Popular among high-school students for the dangerous street sport of "Crash Careening", this hypo can also be invaluable in emergencies.


  • For fastest access in an emergency, use the Options Panel to assign a hotkey to "Use Speed Booster."
  • Even With a low Agility level, these hypos make you move so fast that any impact in terrain result in damage or death.
    • With that, when on the decks of the Von Braun this may be useful for moving down a corridor quickly. Late game there are just too many possible items to collide with.
  • This hypo could potentially be used as an alternative to increasing the agility skill and only have the hypos used when needed.
    • It should be noted though the skill still needs to be increased to meet minimum requirements like for the Mark VI Laser Rapier.

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