Software provides bonus to technological skills in System Shock 2 such as Hacking, making the task easier. However, the skill level does not improve, and thus, minimum skill requirements are unaffected. There is specific software for each tech category.


Category Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Hacking HackV1 HackV2 HackV3
Modify ModifyV1 ModifyV2 ModifyV3
Repair RepairV1 RepairV2 RepairV3
Research ResearchV1 ResearchV2 ResearchV3
Software is upgraded upon picking up a small storage device. The storage device has a slightly different color hue depending on the tech category. The number of vertical white stripes in the storage device specifies the software level.

Each software category has three levels, which provide an increased bonus. The bonus works as if the player has increased their skill level after the initial skill requirement is checked. For example, with a hacking skill of 3 and a hacking software v2, the player may hack a Replicator as if the player had hacking skill 5. However, the player cannot hack a Turret, as hacking it has skill requirement 4.

Once a skill is upgraded, the change is permanent.

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