Shotgun Hybrid
Enemy Stats
First Encounter MedSci Deck
Hit Points 14
Damage Output 4
Speed Moderate
Weakness Stasis Field Generator
Psionic Hypnogenesis
Imposed Neural Restructuring
Loot Shotgun (Broken)
6 Rifled Slugs (10%)
5 Nanites (20%)
Medical Hypo (10%)
Liquor (25%)
Hybrid Organ (5%)
The Shotgun Hybrid is the second enemy faced in System Shock 2. Hybrids are humans who have been infected by the parasitic annelids, and mutated into monsters in service of The Many. Shotgun Hybrids are differentiated from standard Hybrids both by their ranged weaponry and slightly higher Hit Points. Other than that, they are very similar to regular Hybrids.


Shotgun Hybrids start appearing in the second half of the MedSci Deck, and will continue to be found for the next several decks. All Shotgun Hybrids, naturally, have a Shotgun on their corpse when killed. Sadly, it's been modified for their mutated limbs, which makes it unusable to you. It can, however, be repaired to function like a normal Shotgun again. Even if you don't have Repair Skill, it can be worth your while to pick up their modified Shotguns simply to unload them. Each one has very little salvageable ammunition, but it adds up over time.


Shotgun Hybrids are almost identical to standard Hybrids, though they're a bit tougher to take down and can attack from a distance. Despite their ranged attacks, they don't do all that much damage, and you should be able to engage them in much the same way you do regular Hybrids. Note that they tend to move slightly faster than their less-mutated cousins, and will fire at you sometimes even at point-blank range although most of the time if you get too close they will back up a little before they fire, take advantage of this if you decide to melee them. Though taking them out from a distance can be effective, every now and then they'll get at least one shot off at you regardless.

Arguably Shotgun Hybrids are the biggest threat to you in the game - collectively. Pipe Hybrids don't have a ranged attack so beyond the point you get ranged weapons they aren't an issue, and Grenade Hybrids show up so late in the game with such a slow attack speed that you can also take them out fairly easily with ranged weapons. The energy-based attacks of Monkeys and Cyborg Midwives are also fairly slow and easy to dodge, while Rumblers are few enough in number that you can save up enough special ammo to take them out. In contrast, Shotgun Hybrids have a ranged attack which is difficult to dodge if they pop up unawares as you walk into a room, and they exist in much greater numbers than Monkeys or Cyborg Midwives. One Shotgun Hybrid isn't too much of a problem, but an entire sub-section of them can gradually wear you down. Take care to learn their attack patterns carefully.


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