Security Robot
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Recreation Deck
Hit Points 160
Damage Output 8 (Energy)
Speed Slow
Weakness Mechanical
Electron Suppression
Stasis Field Generator
Loot 10 Prisms (15%)
Iridium (5%)
The Security Robot is a bit better armed than the Maintenance Robot, with a built-in laser cannon. It is designed to defend high security areas. Any complaints should be directed to Sgt. Bronson, on the Operations Deck.

Security Bots first appear on the Operations and Recreation Decks. After destroying one, you should search its chassis for salvageable equipment. You can occasionally find prisms or containers of Iridium.

Strategic Analysis

The laser is more damaging than the Maintenance Robot's spark welder, and considerably more accurate. The Dual-Circuit EMP Rifle or EMP Grenades are the weapons of choice against robots, though armor-piercing bullets or Fragmentation Grenades are passable substitutes when necessary.

Because of their bulk, Security Bots (and Maintenance Bots too) don't corner well. One of the best ways to take out a Security Bot when your defenses are minimal is to fall back to a position where the Bot will have to come through a door and turn to get you. This will allow you to either squeeze off three or four quick shots while it's turning, or take your shot and fall back to around another corner.



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