Security Camera
SS2 Security Camera
Enemy Stats
First Encounter MedSci Deck
Hit Points 5
Weakness Mechanical
Electron Suppression
Computer-controlled security is a strong presence aboard the Von Braun and the UNN Rickenbacker, and the cautious player might wish to avoid it whenever possible. Keep a wary eye out for the ceiling-mounted cameras, and listen for their distinctive beeping sound.

A camera that has not yet spotted you displays a green light; as it becomes alert to your presence, the light changes from green to yellow and then to red. A fully alert camera sounds an alarm, causing the security network to dispatch creatures to that area to investigate. As long as the alarm is sounding, security continues to send creatures. An overlay appears when an alarm is active, counting down the time left. Unless you can quickly get to a Security Computer, or have lots of ammo and a very good tactical position, you might as well just hit "Esc" immediately and reload.

Fortunately, if your aim is good, a camera can be taken out by one, or at most two shots. Bashing a camera with hand-to-hand weapons are a bit trickier (it usually requires some jumping, and good timing). If you see the camera at the same moment it sees you, you'll probably end up winning the race. Cameras are also vulnerable to the Electron Suppression PSI power.

The biggest danger with cameras is that you won't notice them at all - they're small, and tend to be tucked in out-of-the-way corners. Be alert for the whirring sound they make when they are idle, and the beep they emit when they spot you.

Unlike turrets, security cameras cannot be hacked - thus there is nothing to gain from leaving them undestroyed. Destroyed cameras also don't leave any loot behind. Moreover, there is no game penalty to destroying cameras (i.e. in real life, Xerxes and the Many might be able to get a loose idea of the player's advance through the ship by following which security cameras get destroyed - but this doesn't happen). Thus, it is imperative that you unhesitatingly destroy any cameras you encounter.


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