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SOLDIER G65434-2

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SOLDIER G65434-2
The Main Character of System Shock 2
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction United Nations Nominate
Status Alive
Location Von Braun
UNN Rickenbacker
Voice Actor Uncredited

~ His only word spoken.
Soldier G65434-2, commonly referred to as "Goggles" due to his iconic cyber rig, is the main protagonist of System Shock 2.


After selecting either of the three branches of the military - O.S.A, Marines, Navy - Soldier G65434-2 began his first three years of duty and gained a lot of experiences and skills.

When the announcement came that the Von Braun would be launching soon, Soldier G65434-2 sent a request application to Captain Diego to be assigned to the UNN Rickenbacker. His request was granted and he transferred just before the Von Braun began her journey.

When the Von Braun reached Tau Ceti V, while the soldier was sleeping in his cryo bunk, a security bot shows up to Grassi with orders from Dr. Polito that the soldier is to be placed in the freezer suite and be fitted with an illegal R-grade cyber implant. Grassi at first was puzzled by Polito's request and mentions the implants were outlawed after the Citadel Station incident.

Despite his objections, he blindly follows her order and moves the soldier while still sleeping in his cryo bed, to be fitted with the implants and began his healing coma. Unknown to Grassi, Polito had already committed suicide and SHODAN was using Polito as her cover.

During the healing coma, Polito/SHODAN, ordered Bayliss to purge the restoration memory unit so that the soldier doesn't remember he "volunteered" to have the implants installed.

By the time the game begins, the Many is almost in complete control of the entire ship, save for a few resistance fighters. Polito/SHODAN wakes the soldier and briefs him on the situation, thus beginning the events of System Shock 2.

Since System Shock 2 is a role-playing game, he is without much backstory, personality, or character development, as players are supposed to project themselves onto the character.

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