Ring Buoy
Ring buoy icon
Type Miscellaneous
Nanites Given 1
Ring Buoys are found only in the swimming pool area on the Recreation deck. They will actually float to the surface of the water but will not keep the player afloat.

Due to arcane legal restrictions, all space-going ships are required to have a supply of life preservers.  Some, especially on asteroid mining trawlers, have been redesigned in order to make them self-propelling in space, or to give them a limited air supply, but most ships simply pack the things into a storage locker and forget about them. They do, however, serve their traditional purpose on more luxurious spaceships equipped with swimming pools.


Ring Bouys and Pool

A little late for lifesaving...


  • When inserted into the Recycler, generates 1 Nanite.
  • When dropped into the swimming pool (or any other sufficiently large pool of water), it will float due to its density setting being 0.50 - ie; less than that of water. This can be changed or applied to other objects via the Physics>Model>Attributes menu in ShockEd.

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