SS2 Value Rep
Value rep render
Thank You for Choosing Value-Rep!
~ Replicator

The Value-Rep Nanite-Driven Replicator allows users to purchase useful items. SOLDIER G65434-2 may find it useful to hack replicators, allowing for purchase of cheaper or more useful items.

Nanites may be spent at Value-Rep matter replication terminals on items ranging from snack foods to weapons. After the Replicator is activated, it indicates a description and a price (in nanites) for each item available. Select the item you wish to have replicated, then pick up the replicated item from the hopper below. Hacking the Replicators may allow production of restricted, cheaper, or better-quality items than are normally available at a given replicator.


Engineering Deck
Elevator Soda Fragmentation Grenades Psi Hypo Medical Hypo
Engine Core Cigarettes Standard Bullets Anti-Toxin Hypo Psi Hypo
Cargo Bay 1A Soda Disposable Maintenance Tool Rifled Slugs Strength Booster
Cargo Bay 2A Cigarettes Portable Battery Standard Bullets Anti-Radiation Hypo
MedSci Deck
Xerxes Chips Standard Bullets (12) Standard Bullets (6) Medical Hypo
R+D Chips Standard Bullets Psi Hypo Anti-Toxin Hypo
Lounge Juice Disposable Maintenance Tool Version 1 Hack Software Anti-Radiation Hypo
Lounge Cigarettes Fragmentation Grenades Psi Hypo Rifled Slugs
Hydroponics Deck
Sector A Cigarettes Anti-Toxin Hypo Standard Bullets Version 1 Modify Software
Sector A Mug Anti-Toxin Hypo Psi Hypo Portable Battery
Sector C Vodka Medical Hypo Rifled Slugs Version 1 Repair Software
Sector D Cigarettes Fragmentation Grenades Disposable Maintenance Tool Psi Hypo
Bio Survey
Out of Service
Operations Deck
Mess Mug Psi Hypo Strength Booster Medical Hypo
Mess Vodka Disposable Maintenance Tool Anti-Personnel Slugs Proximity Grenades
Crew Quarters Cigarettes Armor-Piercing Bullets Standard Bullets Fragmentation Grenades
Barracks Cigarettes Juice Rifled Slugs Psi Hypo
Recreation Deck
Dining Chips Armor-Piercing Bullets Anti-Toxin Hypo Psi Hypo
Mall Cigarettes Fragmentation Grenades Medical Hypo Psi Hypo
Mall Soda Disposable Maintenance Tool Prisms Anti-Toxin Hypo
Mall x 3
Out of Service
Theater Chips Cigarettes Soda
Stim Chambers Stim Unit Access Card Stim Unit Access Card Stim Unit Access Card Stim Unit Access Card
Athletics Soda Anti-Personnel Ammo Anti-Toxin Hypo Prisms
Command Deck
Tram Station Vodka Psi Hypo Anti-Toxin Hypo Standard Bullets
Med Station Vodka Proximity Grenades Recycler Prisms
CEO Quarters Vodka Psi Hypo Anti-Personnel Slugs Rifled Slugs
Shuttle Command Vodka Incendiary Grenades Fragmentation Grenades Disposable Maintenance Tool
UNN Rickenbacker
Nacelle B Medical Kit Psi Hypo 10 Prisms 20 Prisms
Path to Pod 2 Vodka 10 Prisms Anti-Toxin Hypo ExperTech Implant
Rickenbacker Bridge Juice Disposable Maintenance Tool Psi Hypo EMP Grenade
The Body of the Many
Rickenbacker Room (near entrance) Juice Anti-Toxin Hypo Psi Hypo Medical Kit
Flooded Room Chips Anti-Toxin Hypo Anti-Personnel Slugs 10 Prisms

SS2 Value Rep-100:04

SS2 Value Rep-1


  • William Diego has a unique wrist mounted variant of the Replicator.

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