Repair is one of the technical skills available in System Shock 2.


Repeated use of a weapon eventually causes it to break. When this happens, your guns/ammunition window displays “Broken” at the bottom and you are unable to use the weapon. Other machines in the world may be broken when you find them or you may break them accidentally. In order to repair something, you must use it. This opens the control MFD for the item, with a “REPAIR” panel on the side. You must have some repair skill in order to be able to repair a weapon or machine, and different items have different skill requirements.

The repair MFD display resembles the hacking MFD. Your relevant skills and bonuses are listed at the bottom. The top describes the affects of repairing the device, and on the right is the cost in Nanites of the repair attempt and a START button. The number of dangerous nodes in a Repair screen is dependent on the type of device and your CYB statistic. As with hacking, your chances of successfully influencing a given node are increased 10% per point of skill and 5% per point of CYB. If you are successful in repairing the item, it becomes functional. If you critically fail, the item is irreparably destroyed.