Red Assassin
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Operations Deck
Hit Points 48
Damage Output 10
Speed Fast
Weakness Half-Mechanical
Stasis Field Generator
Imposed Neural Restructuring
Loot Simulation Chip
5 Nanites (20%)
20 Nanites (5%)
The Red Assassin is first seen on Operations Deck by the player. In a Audio Log by Malick which the player finds before the first encounter, it is explained that his three 'red friends' are guarding the override to the Simulation Units. More of the Red Assassins appear on levels hereafter.

The only apparent differences between the Red Assassin and the Cyborg Assassin is the color of the uniform they wear and their characteristic behavior. When the Red Assassin is approached it will retreat away from the player if possible. If the player gets close enough and/or engages in combat, they act exactly like the Cyborg Assassin. As a result only the Red Assassins on Deck 4 should be engaged with and the rest avoided if possible.

​Virtual Assassin

There is a unique variant called Virtual Assassins that are found on the level, Where Am I? They are transparent, but otherwise look and behave the same. 


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