RW-45 Ion Rifle



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Weapon Stats
Operation Particle Beam Burst
Attack Type Energy Beam
Damage 18 per Blast (Low)
108 per Blast (High)
180 per Blast (Overload)
Energy Usage 5 (Low)
30 (High)
100 (Overload)
Armor Penetration 35
Offense Value 6
The RW-45 Ion Rifle is a weapon found in System Shock.


Prototypes of this advanced energy beam gun evolved from late-model beam sidearms. It delivers a powerful stream of ionic particles with more force than normal blaster guns.

The weapon can be found in the Alpha groove inside the corporate briefcase. While it's more effecient compared to the preceding weapons it consumes the energy rather quickly hence adequate stockpile of batteries or quick access to recharger stations are desirable.


  • Most of the weapon names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the games developers. In this case, Robb Waters.

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