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System Shock 2 - Audio Log
From Malone
Subject re: Psionic chimps!
Date 03.JUL.14
Recipient Mak Pao research authority
Level Engineering Deck
A laboratory worker from MedSci called me down to the vivisection room yesterday. He felt the lab chimps were exhibiting uncommon intelligence. I sat with one for four hours and tried to probe it with the psi amp on a beta 4 cycle. It failed to respond. I of course assumed it was because it was, naturally, incapable of reacting to the sophisticated beta 4 cycle. But then I realized it was blocking the probe intentionally! As soon as I raised the psi-amp to attack it, the creature lashed out with its arms and projected a cryokinetic field towards me, paralyzing my arm. I immediately psi-dampened the monkey and then stunned it with an electric prod.

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