Psi Booster
Type Hypo
Research Object
The Psi Booster combines a complex mix of psychoactive chemicals, some of them quite powerful, and refined annelid tissue. Many of the chemicals have enzymatically bonded to the annelid tissue fragments, many of them since construction of the hypo, as if the annelid tissue is still biologically active. Long-term usage may well cause hallucinatory side effects.

Using one will increase your Psionic Ability stat by 1 for 5 minutes, but it must be Researched first, requiring 1 Iridium and Sodium.

Strategic Analysis

This hypo does not have the anti-duplication protection that was installed in the standard Psi Hypo, and thus can be psionically duplicated with the Molecular Duplication power. Duplication is also important because Psi Boosters are not sold in any replicator machines.

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