Enemy Stats
First Encounter Command Deck
Hit Points 120
Damage Output 5
Speed Moderate
Loot Psi-Reaver Organ (75%)
A Psi-Reaver is the final development stage of the Annelid Hybrid. When a Rumbler or, in some cases, a standard hybrid, has mutated/matured enough its physical body is recycled by The Many and what's left behind is a highly psionic creature resembling a brain and spinal cord. These structures are able to produce powerful floating psi projections. As such, attacking the Psi Reaver itself will only cause it to temporarily disappear until the Brain is destroyed. Psi Reavers have a powerful ranged attack, but it is fairly easy to dodge. The first Psi Reaver will be found at the end of Command Deck of the Von Braun.


Unlike most other enemies, Psi Reavers do not respawn or appear randomly; instead they only show up in a few fixed locations near the end of the game.


The Psi Reaver is a bit different from other enemies. Rather than attack it directly, you should instead search for the Brain that powers it, which will usually be hidden nearby, somewhere in either the same or an adjoining room. The Psi Reaver itself is big, tough and does a decent amount of damage, so it's generally not worth attacking directly. Once the Brain has been destroyed, the Reaver itself can be killed for good.

How dangerous a they are depends on how well they have hidden their brain structures. If you find a Psi-Reaver Organ, it can be researched with a small quantity of Radium and Technetium.