Protocol Droid
Protocol droid
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Engineering Deck
Hit Points 20
Damage Output 15 (Explosion)
Speed Fast
Weakness Mechanical
Electron Suppression
Stasis Field Generator
The Protocol Droid is programmed to be helpful at all times, and has no armament. Terrorist factions have been known to tamper with the power supply to turn these droids into walking proximity grenades. Rumors of their internal power supplies exploding have been strongly denied by TriOptimum.

XERXES has modified all the Protocol Droids on the Von Braun so that, as soon as it gets close enough to you, it will self-destruct in a devastating explosion. Protocol Droids first appear on the Engineering Deck, and are found sporadically through the rest of the game.

They appear in very large numbers in the confined spaces of the Cargo Bays, whose confined spaces make their self-destruct attacks very effective. They sometimes appear in storage containers but will burst out after you trigger them. They can be very deadly in the Cargo Bays as a result, particularly because this early in the game you should be low on ammo, and not particularly focused on ranged anti-machine weapons. Afterwards, however, they appear only occasionally, in much more open spaces, and you should have the ammo to deal with them.


Avoidance and ranged weapons are your best strategies - once it goes "boom", a Protocol Droid is done for good, so make it blow up far away from you. If, despite your best efforts, a Protocol Droid gets close to you, don't waste any ammunition on it. You would simply trigger its explosion a little earlier, which is no benefit if you are already inside its blast radius.

  • The larger robots will explode upon death similar to a Protocol Droid. When fighting them and low on ammo, use a melee weapon to wear them down, then finish them off with one or two shots at a distance so as not to be caught in the explosion.
  • If you run completely out of ammo and Psi energy, don’t even bother trying to go toe to toe with a Protocol Droid. It will always win a melee fight. Either get creative or get away.
  • If you're lucky, you may see a Protocol Droid at a distance, walking by another monster. Shoot the Protocol Droid rather than the other monster and you might kill them both when the Droid explodes!
  • Similarly if you're being chased by a group of monsters (such as Hybrids) and happen to run past a wandering Protocol Droid, you can try shooting it at the right moment to weaken or kill your pursuers.
  • Protocol Droids are vulnerable to the Stasis Field Generator and the Electron Suppression PSI powers.
  • Psi users may also use the Localized Pyrokinesis power to become immune to incendiary damage, rendering Protocol Droids completely harmless.
  • If a hostile Turret happens to be nearby, you can try to get the Protocol Droid to walk between you and it so it will be destroyed by the turret's indiscriminate fire.
  • While Protocol Droids are plentiful in the Cargo Bays, so are cargo elevators which can be used as improvised 'crush traps' to get rid of them.


  • "I am fully registered Tri-Optimum service unit."
  • "Hello. May I am at service?"
  • "Xerxes won't like this."
  • "You seem to have suffered a minor malfunction."
  • "Your performance seems nonoptimal. May I help?"
  • "Aww. I've driven a client away. I'll likely be downgrated."
  • "If my service was unsatisfactory, please note my ID number."
  • "Can I help you?"