Projected Pyrokinesis is a Tier Three psionic discipline that launches a fiery projectile at a target, doing a damage of 5 + 2 per PSI.

Type of Damage: Incendiary

Projectile Speed: 50

Strategic Analysis

  • This is the most damaging power in the O.S.A. arsenal. Sadly, purely mechanical monsters are completely immune to it (though it does do quite well against cyborgs). Arachnids are particularly vulnerable to fire-based attacks, so this power works well against them.
  • Note that, since this is a Tier Three power, Projected Cryokinesis actually does more damage per Psi point spent. Projected Pyrokinesis, on the other hand, deals its damage much faster, which is often critical in combat.


  • The genetically engineered Red Monkeys aboard the Von Braun are also capable of projecting Pyrokinetic blasts.