The Power Psi O/S Upgrade eliminates damage from psionic burn-out.

Strategical Analysis

  • Useful only for psionically oriented builds that have low Psionic Ability but wish to use Tier Four and Tier Five psi disciplines. With high psionic ability, the overload box becomes larger, and thus, easier to hit without burn-out.
  • It is more useful for the character who is not concentrating entirely on psi. As the Psi stat goes up, the chance of psionic burnout goes down, so pure psi characters actually get less benefit from this upgrade than hybrid characters.
  • Psi burnout is mostly a problem for Tier Four and Tier Five disciplines on the higher difficulties because of how much lower the maximum hit point cap is. But for non-dedicated psi users, Tier Four and Tier Five disciplines are almost unattainably expensive. On Impossible, attaining your first Tier Five discipline will cost seventy (70) cybernetic modules, factoring in the Tier unlock cost. This is nearly 8% of the cybernetic modules in the entire game.

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