Portable Battery
Type Tool
A small battery with an energy port designed to interface with all standard powered devices, the Portable Battery contains energy charge and can be used to recharge an item such as the Laser Pistol or Powered Armor. Useful when an Energy Recharging Station is not available.

Strategic Analysis

  • These are most useful for the player who specializes in Energy Weapons. Other players may find them useful as well, since everyone can use powered implants, and nearly everyone is capable of using powered armor.
  • The UNN Rickenbacker does not contain any recharge stations. If the player uses weapons or items relying on energy, portable batteries and Electron Cascade can be used to recharge them
  • Replicators on Engineering Deck sector B cargo bay 2 and Hydroponics Deck sector A sell portable batteries.
  • Cyborg Midwives can leave behind a portable battery on their corpses, and because they are an enemy that respawns (particularly on the Hydroponics Deck), this can be a good source of batteries. Security bots also occasionally drop portable batteries, but not as often, and given the amount of ammo required to take down a security bot, you're better off just hunting Cyborg Midwives for their portable batteries.


  • When the inventory contains more than one portable battery, a battery does not always recharge an item completely while it should. Usually, if you are recharging a non-equipped item, it will recharge fully. If you are recharging an equipped weapon/implant/power armor, it might not charge fully. So it's a good idea to briefly un-equip the item you want to recharge.
  • A small flaw in the discharge terminal prevents the battery from being used more than once, as it fully discharges upon use. "ElectroSim", the device's manufacturers, has issued a recall for this particular type of battery.

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