O/S Upgrades are passive upgrades found in System Shock 2.

During your playthrough, you will come across a total of four upgrade stations.  Since you will be able to use only four during the whole game, the upgrades you choose should highly complement your chosen play style.

The locations of the upgrade stations are as follows...

List of O/S Upgrades


Can find items off destroyed robots that heal 15 HP.

Cybernetically Enhanced

Allows use of two implants at the same time.

Lethal Weapon

Increases hand-to-hand damage by 35 percent.

Naturally Able

Automatic grant of eight extra cyber-modules.


Three extra inventory slots. 


Offers a extra 20 percent benefit from all hypos.

Power Psi

Burnout no long damages you.

Replicator Expert

Replicator items cost 20 percent less.

Security Expert

+2 hacking skill applied only to security computers.


Ranged, non-psionic weapons do 15 percent more damage.


You can execute overhead swings with melee attacks.

Spatially Aware

Automap always fills in for every level.


Movement speed increased by 15 percent.

Strong Metabolism

Damage from radiation and toxins reduced by 25 percent.


Increases maximum HP by five.


Nanite cost for weapon modification down by 50 percent.

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