Neural Decontamination is a Tier Two psionic discipline that decreases absorption of radiation by 80% while active.

Duration: 10 seconds + 5 seconds per PSI.

Strategic Analysis

  • This skill is not usually necessary, as the Hazard Suit provides almost the same protection level and there are enough Anti-Radiation Hypos to deal with the few areas with radiation
  • However, this skill may provide extra breathing room on Impossible difficulty, especially, if Endurance has not been a priority. This applies mostly to the beginning of The Body of the Many
  • This skill can effectively replace the hazard suit to free up four inventory slots. Applies mostly to non-melee builds on Hard and Impossible difficulties
  • In co-operative mode, there may not be enough radiation suits available for all. On the other hand, only one player needs to deal with the mission objectives in high-radiation areas (someone please verify this!). Once again, this applies mostly to the beginning of the body of the Many
  • Note that this protects you from absorbing the radiation in the first place; it doesn't prevent you from the damage of radiation that's already been absorbed into your body.

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