The Naturally Able O/S Upgrade provides a one-time addition of 8 Cybernetic Modules.


Considered completely useless. 8 cybernetic modules is a pittance compared to the number of modules routinely given past the earliest stages of the game, and comprise less than 1% of the cybernetic modules available over the course of the entire game. Most guides assume the only players who pick Naturally Able have never played the game before and have made bad choices early in the game and misbuilt their character to the point they can't advance any farther.

On lower difficulties, where upgrades are cheaper, the number of cybernetic modules given for plot advancement awards is typically ample. On higher difficulties, when those awards have to be stretched much farther, 8 cybernetic modules wouldn't do much of anything: On Hard, for instance, only Level 2 Tech (6), Weapons (8), and Stats (4) points, and Tier 1 (4) or Tier 2 (6) psionic disciplines cost this little.

It is possible that this little boost could provide a competitive edge in some esoteric builds, such as those that rely on exploits to avoid the -10 cybernetic modules penalty SHODAN assesses for obtaining the cybernetic modules alongside the SHODAN's Plan audio log.

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