Medium Combat Armor
Type Armor
The SenniTech Class 3 Armor provides +30% defense bonus against combat damage. It requires Strength 4 to equip.

The medium combat armor is composed of a triple-layered composite of self-stiffening resins and long-chain replicating polymers. Heavier than the "Dartech Class 1", the Class 3 also provides substantially more protection from hostile firepower. The "SenniTech" subdivision of the TriOptimum military branch provides the armor for many light infantry platoons of both the UNN and corporate military forces.


  • Deck 4's "Crews Quarters", the number 4 will indicate the elevator level you need to reach to get there. Once there, the armor is in the bottom left quarter, whereas you'll be ambushed by two worms shortly after acquiring it.
  • Deck 5 (Recreation), go to the Garden, then Garden Maintenance (left door in the little garden pit), go forward, left, then the door is on your right.. It will be locked with a hackable keypad. There will be a few pods in there, so be very cautious upon entering. Once you hack it, however, two cyborg midwifes will come to you. Kill them, then go back into the room and the body FURTHEST away from you will have armor.


  • Also known as the standard-issue combat armor

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