Medical Hypo
Type Hypo
Nanites Given 2
A Medical Hypo allows the player to regain lost hit points. The amount healed is 10 HP or 12 HP with Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade.

Designed as a quick fix for minor injuries, the ChemCal medical hypo injects a healing enzyme which can make a crude assessment of the patient's condition and somewhat alter the chemical makeup of the hypo to fit the case. In addition, the hypo contains a mixture of standard pain killers and anti-coagulants. Not meant as a treatment for serious injury, the med hypo will do in a pinch. The only downside is the rather sharp stick of the over-engineered vacc needle, which was nearly recalled in 2102 on its introduction. Strong litigation by the TriOptimum Corporation's legal department eliminated that potentially costly eventuality.


  • Immediately upon consumption, the player is healed by 2 HP. After that, the player is healed 2 HP more every second until total 10/12 HP is healed.
  • If the player consumes another med hypo while healing is in progress, the previous med hypo healing process is terminated
    • It is thus advisable to wait until the healing process is finished until consuming another med hypo. Otherwise, hit points are wasted

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