Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction UNN
Status Deceased
Location UNN Rickenbacker
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Fred Galpern

Malone was an O.S.A. Agent on board the UNN Rickenbacker. His relationship with the crew members of the Von Braun was not well received and most saw him as more of a nuisance then helping at all.


Relationship with the Crew

Being a OSA agent, Malone was not well received by the other crew members on the Von Braun and some have called him downright creepy. He tried to strike up a friendship with Constance Sanger by following her for two months. Eventually she got fed up and gave him the hint.

Monkey Problem

After reaching Tau Ceti V, Grassi informed Malone that the monkeys in the laboratory were becoming smarter and had acquired psionic abilities. After interrogating a monkey for four hours, Malone tried to probe it with the psi amp on a beta 4 cycle and realized the monkey was blocking the probe intentionally. Just as he raised the psi-amp to attack, the monkey projected a cryokinetic field at Malone, paralyzing his arm. The monkey was killed on the spot and Malone went to see Dr. James Watts afterwards.

Helping Engineering

When The Many began taking over, having a considerable amount of forces in the engineering section of the ship, Malone helped some of the crew members to safety. During one incident, he tried to take down an unspecified target to which Martin said it unloaded both barrels into his stomach.

Unfortunately on the second floor of Cargo Bay 2, Malone was killed by a rogue maintenance bot while locked in the engine control room with Constance Sanger.

Audio Logs

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