Maintenance Robot
Enemy Stats
First Encounter MedSci Deck
Hit Points 100
Damage Output 6 (Electric)
Speed Slow
Weakness Mechanical
Electron Suppression
Stasis Field Generator
Loot Disposable Maintenance Tool (30%)
Anti-Radiation Hypo (10%)
20 Nanites (50%)
Maintenance Robots, nicknamed "Beavers", are large and slow, but their electrical spark welder can be a painful weapon when used against a human.

Maintenance Robots are well armored, and can take a lot of punishment. At the stage of the game where you'll be facing Maintenance Robots, your best weapon will be armor-piercing bullets. Their spark welder shots are not terribly accurate, so if you can engage them at long range, they may hit you only rarely, even during an extended battle.

You'll see your first Maintenance Bot at the very end of the MedSci Deck. They are quite frequent on the Engineering Deck, but later in the game they are mostly replaced by more formidable models. After destroying one, you should search its chassis for salvageable equipment.



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