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Magnum 2100 Pistol

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Magnum 2100 Pistol



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Weapon Stats
Operation Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Hollow-Tip Rounds
Heavy Slug Rounds
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 60 per Hit (Hollow)
85 per Hit (Heavy)
Armor Penetration 30 (Hollow)
25 (Heavy)
Offense Value 4 (Hollow)
5 (Heavy)

The Magnum 2100 Pistol is a weapon found in System Shock.


Standard issue pistol for TriOptimum security officers, the magnum is a preferred offensive tool in confined spaces. Rounds are designed for high damage.

Ammunition Types

HollowTip Rounds Icon HollowRounds Hollow-Tip Rounds (12) - Fragment inside soft targets.
Heavy Slug Rounds Icon HeavyRounds Heavy Slug Rounds (12) - High-Density osmium slug.

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