MFD Game Player
Type Tool
VMU is not liable for any accidents which may occur due to distraction from playing GamePigTM games in a heads-up display. Oink!
~ Disclaimer from Vortex Mechanics Unlimited

The GamePigTM Entertainment Device, also known as an MFD Game Player, is able to play dozens of different games simply by inserting new memory cartridges. Most games star Grunty the Gaming Pig, who first rose to fame in the 2005 interactive entertainment Corporate Swine.

The MFD game player hooks up directly to any MFD, allowing the user to play games on their military grade cyber interface.  A few game chips may be found throughout the game, and the player can use their MFD to play these varying games.  The world continues on around them persistently, however, so the player can still be killed by varying elements of the environment.

With a high Hacking skill (level 6 minimum) the player may hack the game player, allowing access to all the games and giving a bonus start in the OverWorld Zero mini-game.

List of Game Cartridges


  • The GamePig is a reference to the popular Gameboy at the time.
  • If the horrors of the Von Braun get to be too much for you to take, find yourself a GamePig and a game cartridge, and settle down for some relaxing fun. It will give you something to do while waiting for Research to complete.
  • Rumor has it that some of the games even give you Nanites when you win the games. After defeating final bosses in Overworld Zero, you gain 20 nanites as a reward.

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