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The Reactor Level is the lowest level of Citadel Station, and one of the first to be explored by the Hacker in System Shock.


This level houses the stations primary reactor and support facilities. Painted mainly in gray, this level of Citadel is marked by its inelegant, yet functional architecture.

Due to the inherent health risk involved, a medical substation and the station's only radiation treatment area have been installed. A variable gravity chamber also exists here, which is used by TriOptimum engineers and scientists in a variety of experiments. It also has a shield generator room with a receptacle for Isotope X-22. The reactor core area has a destruct sequence lever, activated upon entering a 6-digit access code.


  • Autobomb (7)
  • Cyborg Assassin (8)
  • Cyborg Drone (4)
  • Exec-Bot (1)
  • Flier-Bot (3)
  • Hopper (9)
    • When the population fall below 3/3/3/5, they are replenished by 0/2/2/4 in the corridors (up to a maximum of 0/24/24/48). When the reactor is set to destruct, they are replenished by 0/3/3/6.
  • Mutated Cyborg
    • When the reactor is set to destruct, one appears in Elevator 2 (except on the easiest difficulty).
  • Security-1-Bot (5)
  • Security-2-Bot (2)
    • Once the laser is destroyed, another Sec-2 bot will appear near Elevator 2 with 738 hit points. When the reactor is set to destruct, they are replenished by 0/2/2/3.
  • Zero-Grav Mutant (7)
  • Cyberguards (1)

Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs


Weapons and Items

New Weapons

New Hardware Attachments

Cyberspace Items

Blast door unlocked.
Armory access overridden.



  • The reactor level has its own symbol in the game's files, though it is never used.

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