Citadel Station
Level 7 - Systems Engineering
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LV 7
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The Systems Engineering Level is the seventh level of Citadel Station explored in System Shock.


The level contains many of the stations support and communications systems, including the primary antenna relays. This level's subdued, brown-yellow color scheme adds to its techno-industrial atmosphere. It is also the last level with a working Surgery Machine.

System administrator Willard Richie's office is there, with an essential log.


  • Autobomb (1)
    • When destroyed, another will appear near a chute in the northeast corner of the map to take its place.
  • Cyborg Assassin (10)
  • Cyborg Enforcer (13)
    • When the population falls below 3, they are replenished by 0/1/1/2. An additional 0/1/1/2 appear in the Clover Leaf area for each Cyborg Assassin killed.
  • Cyborg Warrior (4)
    • When the population falls below 5, they are replenished by 0/1-2/1-2/2-3.
  • Exec-Bot (8)
  • Mutated Cyborg (2)
    • When the reactor is set to destruct, 0/2/2/3 will appear outside Elevator 11.
  • Repair-Bot (2)
  • Security-1-Bot (15)
    • When the population falls below 5, 0/2/2/3 will appear. Additionally, when the reactor is set to destruct, more will appear inside the surgery machine (as many as will fit).
  • Security-2-Bot (6)
    • When the reactor is set to destruct, 0/4/4/5 will appear at the southern antenna.

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