Citadel Station
Level 5 - Flight Deck
Trioptimum Logo
Flight Deck
Area Information
Level ID
LV 5
Recharge Stations
Cyber Terminals
Connected Levels

The Flight Deck is the fifth level of Citadel Station explored in System Shock.


This level serves to launch, receive and house the various shuttle craft that regularly conduct business with TriOptimum on Earth. The enormous flight bays on this level are sealed off by environmental integrity screens. As the station rotates, these transparent screens offer breathtaking views of the solar system and the open space beyond. The majority of the Flight Deck is decorated in dark blue and white, although several sections have been repaired with gray paneling.


Logs and E-mails

Audio Logs

Weapons and Items

New Weapons

New Hardware Attachments

Cyberspace Items

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