Citadel Station
Level 3 - Maintenance
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LV 3
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The Maintenance Level is the third level of Citadel Station explored in System Shock.


It has facilities capable of repairing an extremely wide variety of station hardware. Numerous control, routing and access relays are located on this level, and certain robots recharge here between task assignments. This level has a distinctive gray-and-yellow color scheme, but tends to be dimly lit or dark in certain areas.

The four wings of the level remain closed unless maintenance is needed. They open when the Hacker disables the jettison safety interlocks for the three groves and throws the malfunctioning master jettison enable control.

There is a repair bay which generates diagnostic logs, a relay analyzer keypad, and corridors with Relays to several systems of the Station. Abe Ghiran's office is located on this level, and contains an Enviro-suit. A Head-Mounted Lantern and an Interface Demodulator can also be found on this level. The level has two recharge stations which both function, but one of which has sparking wires overhead and will damage the Hacker if he uses it.


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