Citadel Station
Level 1 - Medical
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LV 1
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The Medical Level is the first level of Citadel Station, and the first to be explored by the Hacker in System Shock.


This level contains a highly advanced neurosurgery ward with a functional automatic surgery machine. Medical areas on the station are easily identified by their blue/green walls and advanced treatment facilities. Six months after their Neuro-Implant surgery, the Hacker awoke here within the medical suites.
  • A Group-1 access card can be found in the Hacker's locker.
  • Nathan D'Arcy's office contain an information log and personal access card.
  • This level is separated into four quadrants...
    • Alpha is home to the station's main cyborg production facility. A Force Bridge leads to an area where SHODAN constructed a conversion site to transform the human survivors into cyborgs.
    • Beta is largely offices and labs, and can be reached by an elevator off the hub.
    • Gamma contains an emergency armory and maintenance areas.
    • Delta contains several multi-purpose rooms, one with a cyberspace terminal.


Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs



Weapons and Items

New Weapons

New Hardware Attachments

Access Cards

  • Standard Access Card
  • Group-1 Access Card (2)
  • Medical Access Card
  • Personal Access Card

Cyberspace Items

Level 1 elevator taken off line - SHODAN security block established 04.NOV.72
  • Data Fragment
SHODAN security presence controlled by CPU's and maintained by security cameras
  • Data Log - Hospital
  • Data Log - Code Data
  • Switching Node
Hospital level security doors opened
  • Information Node
medical security door lock



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