System Shock - Log
From Hacker
Subject Just Rewards
Date 06.MAY.72
Recipient -
Level Level 1 - Medical
Location Healing Suite Closet
Looks like Diego's happy with my work... they're firing up the sleep machine for me now. Gotta admit, when the goons from Tri-Op caught me I thought for sure they'd take me off line. Instead, Diego just asks for a "favor." Hack him into SHODAN, and all is forgiven. Plus, six months in a healing coma earns me a cyberjack interface even TriOp's execs couldn't swing. I'll be king of the Net. Even so, I have just handed the most powerful AI in the system to a fumbling corp VP, and there's no telling what'll happen. They tell me the coma leaves you foggy, so I'll leave myself some reminders. First off, the combo to the healing suite is 451. Second, I've stashed some useful stuff in the maintenance hatch under the grating "north" of the healing suite. Last and best, I finished the system analyzer which'll let me keep an eye on SHODAN's processes. It's in the storage closet outside the sleep machine. In ten minutes it's off to bed for half a year. Good night.

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