Juan Curtiz
Juan Curtiz
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum
Status Deceased
Location Engineering Deck - Von Braun
Game(s) System Shock 2

Juan Curtiz was supervisor for the power plant in the Von Braun where he reports directly to Marie Delacroix.


When the Von Braun was well into the voyage, Dr. Delacroix's warning that the ship was not ready for field testing became reality, the leaks in the pipes at first were not enough to cause any dangerous radiation hazards so Curtiz was able to just use rad hypos and distributed them to the engineering staff.

However several days later, the leak became serious and with the hazard suits gone, most of the staff had to use large quantities of rad hypos which had some side effects on the crews.

To add to the insults, the leaks in the venting shafts shorted out the primary access channel and the ship is is now on auxiliary power resulting all lifts being taken offline.

The only way to enter engineering is through the auxiliary shaft which is behind the coded door and Dr. James Watts have the code for it. Just before Watts would start his autopsy operation, he manages to email Curtiz the codes.


Near the auxiliary shaft, Curtiz managed to escape back as the Hybrids were attacking everybody in engineering. After feeling remorse about Valdez's death, he finds two rad hypos on the floor and hears a growl which he thought was Delacroix and Sanger and was killed.

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