Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics are cyberspace security systems that serve as an electronic barrier to intruders trying to scam restricted data.

I.C.E. Barriers act to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the information or software protected within the I.C.E. Some I.C.E. walls are better than others.

I.C.E. Drills are specialized tools designed to cut through the defensive I.C.E. walls. For years, hackers considered the I.C.E. protocol (adopted by the Corporate Computer Protection Conference) impregnable. But that was before the computer piracy gang RazorFinger developed a program that could dissolve the I.C.E. shield like a blowtorch cutting through ... ice.

Older I.C.E. utilities can sometimes be bypassed by various forms of the Fake ID infiltration program. More recent I.C.E. constructs, once they have registered a Drill attack, can actually counter-attack the user.

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